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The precocious photographer
Lyon, France (1947)

Gilles took his very first photograph at age ONE... with his dad's Voigtlander camera.
Of course, his right index was SMACK in front of the lens, but the pic still exists...
Everything that happens in our lives is so ephemeral, photography as a way to capture such ephemeral Moment in time has remained one of his main interests after some 60 years ...

The early spiritual seeker
Renchen, Germany (1951)

Life, the planets, the entire universe, the relationship between all spheres, the divine light of the Sun, the privileged place that Earth is for all human beings, the reason to be on it at this point in time, ...
have been a continuous source of reflection and inspiration.
Yes, as early as age 5....

The high school student /
amateur theatre actor see Theater
Lycée Charles de Gaulle, Baden-Baden (1962)

God! Did Gilles LOVE being a stage actor !!!!
Yet, he could NOT possibly accept being somebody else every night on a stage, the real Gilles had to be found elsewhere, deep within ...

The "clean" hippie
New York, Central Park (1967)

Yep, totally part of the new wave, Woodstock, the 60s SPIRIT.... yet totally CLEAN...
Never touched LSD, acid, coke, heroin, or other hard S---
it is so much better to feel and experience everything without anything artificial...

Un bien beau bonhomme "Lean and Fit"
Fire Island Pines, Long Island (late '60s)

Wow! In tip-top shape, he could have ran the NYC marathon twice in a single day, if it had existed at the time ....

The Revelation : at long last, discovery of who the REAL Gilles was...
in a lot of solitude, harsh living conditions, during the war between Tanzania and Uganda (at the time of Idi Amin and Julius Nyerere)
Dodoma, Tanzania (July 1979)

The comedian, "Vive la différence!"
Port-au-Prince, Haiti (1984)

Some of the best years of his life, from 1982 to 1984, playing classical theater, Dixieland music, sailing along Haiti's coast every weekend in the Kalaïs (a magnificent ketch, one of Jacques Brel's two boats), having a fantastic architectural / urban planning job, and much more....

The Housing Expert / Technical Consultant
Traveling in Africa 11 months per year
UNCDF, UNCHS/Habitat, UN/DDSMS, OPS (1989-1994)

A lot of really hard work, but so exciting a period, feeling so grateful for having the opportunity to explore / discover so much about LIFE on planet Earth....

The "Corporate" man...
as a "serious" United Nations professional staff member, UNOPS, New York (1994-2004)
and as Principal Managing Partner of his own Consulting firm, HARMONIS International (started in 2007)

worked in / lived in 32 countries in Africa... A heavy workload, LOTS of responsibilities, treacherous (and at times dangerous) context at times, but that's what makes life so fascinating...!

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The deeper Spiritual Searcher
New York City (Dec 2007)

Spirituality: this is where it all began, and where it feels most "at home".... the inner self ... and where it will eventually end -- for this lifetime, that is....

The Warrior of the Light
Then and now ....

YES, like Paolo Coelho (cf. 'The Alchemist', 'Manuscript found in Accra' etc etc etc), Gilles is a humble, discreet, but dedicated "Warrior of the Light".

Plus ne suis ce que j'ai été
et ne le saurais jamais être.
Mon beau printemps et mon été
ont fait le saut par la fenêtre.

No longer am I what I was
And never ever shall I be.
My bright springtime and my summer
Have jumped out of the window.

(Clément Marot, 1496-1544)

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